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Daisuki LJ Icons
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> > A B O U T
Welcome to daisuki_icons, a community where iconists can post multifandom icons: anime, manga, movie, celebrities, music, art, random, you name it !  Icon-makers are always welcome to join and fans, you are invited to join orwatch the community. But, before that, please make sure to read, understand, and follow the rules, there have been some small changes made, as the community has grown since it was first founded last year. :)
> > R U L E S
1. All kinds of icons can be posted in the community, this is not an animanga exclusive comm.
2. Slash/yaoi/yuri are allowed, but please make sure to make proper warnings if there's any possibly offensive content. (If it's R+ rated, mostly).
3. Please use LJ-cuts if you're posting more than 5 icons, bases, friends-only banners, headers, and R+ rated icons. Fake cuts, are, of course, allowed.
4. Follow each iconist's usage policy, daisuki_icons is not responsible the individual icon-makers rules and policies.
5. Besides icons, bases, colorbars, friends-only banners, headers, and tutorials are allowed to be posted. Please, do not post gradients, textures, brushes, or other icon resources.
6. Please, do not request icons here. If you wish to request an icon from someone, check the policies of their icon journals.

> > T H E  I C O N I S T S

> > A F F I L I A T E S
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